The Log House 1776 Restaurant

520 East Main St, Wytheville, VA 24382, United States 

        In the spirit of 1776, a young man, who had been granted the right to build on this site in order to work for a large landowner, stopped building in order to fight in the Revolutionary War for our freedom and independence. All we know about this man was that he was called Will. We do not know his last name or even if he ever owned the 2-room tenant house. 

    The adjoining log addition was annexed in 1804 after Main Street was built, and Wytheville was established as a town. The final addiction was erected in 1898

        A man named Robertson began a furniture business where the parking lot now exists. Later, the business was sold to the Rich brothers. Their apprentices lived in the Log House while working for the Rich brothers. After mastering cabinet-making, these apprentices later started many of their own furniture-making factories in Virginia and Tennessee. The Rich Brother’s furniture factory produced, a myriad of other quality offerings, like the now famous Wythe County pie safe! The distinguishing characteristics of a Wythe County Pie safe is the “urn and tulip” tine, which may be further embellished with a variety of other symbols including grape clusters, stars, candlesticks, and hearts.

        During the Civil War (1861-1864) the house was owned by Joesph Chadwell. He and Benjamin Steptoe, a freed slave who lived in the small log cabin where Christopher’s Lounge now resides. The two went together to fight in the Civil War for the Confederacy. Mr. Chadwell was killed during the war so Mrs. Chadwell and Mrs. Steptoe brought his body back to Wytheville in a wagon so that he could be buried in a local cemetery. The descendants of Benjamin Steptoe still reside in Wytheville. 

        Behind the restaurant you will find a gazebo surrounded by flower gardens. These gardens have been established in memory of Abby Chadwell and Nanny Steptoe who worked a garden together. We have been told that Nanny brought all the children to the garden at 7:00 each morning for 30 minutes of silence to look at the flowers and listen to the birds singing. Abby and Nanny wanted them to love and appreciate nature. 

        Feel free to stroll around our garden, you will discover friendly rabbits and birds along with goldfish and frogs. Beside the gardens, you will find unique gift shops in which many visitors from all around have exclaimed are the most unusual gifts anywhere. The shops maintain the same hours as the restaurant.

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